About Us

Welcome to CEMROCK

Cem-Rock® was developed by Greenspan in a bid to fulfil our company’s core missions. To help transition the construction industry from a slow, labour intensive process to something more efficient charaterictised by speed, safety, and quality.

We endeavour to achieve excellence, innovation and technical performance in a sustainable manner.

What resulted from this, after countless years of research, development and testing was Cem-Rock®.


To offer green, safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly building products to save the health of current and future generations

To be a cost-effective and qualitative building solution provider.

To identify potential products that add value to societal needs


To explore and enhance the niche markets.

To create value and trust among all clients and partners.

To consistently have an an experienced, efficient, and adaptable workforce


Initiative, Responsibility & Accountability

Care, Compassion & Courtesy

Ethical Functioning, Fairness & Transparency

Trust, Good Faith & Integrity

UL Greenguard GOLD Certfied

  • Contains no formaldehyde
  • Contains no fly ash
  • Contains no toxins
  • Does not off-gas
  • Carbon neutral product
  • Low energy manufacturing process
  • No carcinogenic dust
  • Ideal for chemically sensitive people at home
  • 100% Recyclable

Sustainability and Green Building

Unlike Portland Cement based boards and pours, DragonBoard contains no hazardous components such as crystalline silica and hexavalent chromium, and the dust is not an irritant. In contrast cases of extreme exposure to Portland-based products, the results can lead to adverse health outcomes and worse.

Unlike Portland cement-based boards, there are no environmental concerns from extremely high energy consumption in manufacturing cement, and the related air pollution, such as the release of dioxin, NOx, SO2, and particulates. In contrast, the production of Portland cement contributes to about 10 % of world carbon dioxide emission and is the most energy-intensive industry in the world.

Unlike Plywoods and OSBs, DragonBoard does not contain any formaldehyde or adhesives, nor mold or termite abatement chemicals. DragonBoard is also naturally mold and termite resistant.

DragonBoard can be recycled for agriculture uses and is landfill friendly.

How Cemrock is Made

Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium Chlride

Fiber Glass Mesh


Wood Dust

Non-Woven Mesh