Unmatched durability, ultimate protection.


Acquired certifications for safety & performance

Why Cemrock?

Cemrock Extreme is the most stringently tested and certified magnesium MGO board available in the marketplace.

Cem-Rock boards are ICC-ES approved with ESR and ESL on Floor and Wall assemblies. Fire rated, water resistant, high-impact construction panel that is well-suited for both interior and exterior sheathing applications. With its mold resistant and high impact properties, Cem-Rock boards should be used whenever there is a high value placed on a building’s contents and equipment or when health and safety concerns exist.

Cem-Rock MgO Products is the greener choice – environmentally friendly and cost-effective with UL Greengaurd and Environmental Product Declaration certifications.


Why Contractors are Switching to Cemrock Extreme

Speed & Ease of Installation

A third-party time testing by Home Innovation Research Labs showed Cemrock panels can be installed 30% faster than traditional wet-laid gypsum in underlayment applications and only require a single trade.

Sound Absorption

Can help achieve sound ratings without the need for a sound mat when used as part of a STC/IIC-tested floor/ceiling assembly.

Fire Resistance

Inherently fire resistant throughout and provides fire resistance as part of fire resistance–rated wall and floor/ceiling assemblies.


Tough enough to handle jobsite conditions, withstands exposure to moisture and does not warp, expand, cup or delaminate like other wood panels do.

Inherent Strength

Contains a proprietary layered mesh reinforcement for added structural value.

Quality Assurance

Manufactured under a quality control program with inspections by ICC-ES and Underwriters Laboratory (UL) to ensure consistent product performance.

Optimize Material & Labor Costs

High-performing material that may save time and help reduce materials and trades needed to install.


Greener product than its competitors produces a more efficient carbon emission which helps our planet and is environment friendly







  1. Fire Resistant/ Non-Combustible
  2. Water / Moisture Resistant
  3. Mold / Mildew / Insects Free
  4. Screwing
  5. Nailing
  6. Cutting
  7. Wallpaper
  8. Tile Backer
  9. Exterior Substrate
  10. Heat Insulation
  11. Non-Toxic
  12. Strength and Flexibility
  13. Light Weight (Easy installation)
  14. Environmentally Friendly
  15. Value and shelf life

Cemrock Extreme

  • Superior rating
  • Excellent resistance, less water absorption
  • 100% Resistant
  • Possible
  • Easy
  • Easy cut ‘n’ snap and using hand grinder
  • Can be glued with smooth finish
  • Recommended
  • Recommended
  • High
  • 100% Non-Toxic
  • High strength and high flexibility
  • Lighter than Plywood
  • Zero carbon footprint
  • High value, low maintenance cost


  • No fire rating (Wood burns)
  • No resistance (Swelling issue)
  • Attracts all the time
  • Possible
  • Easy
  • Hand saw required
  • Can be glued with smooth finish
  • Not recommended
  • Not recommended
  • Very low
  • Contains formaldehyde
  • Low strength and average flexible
  • Heavier 10% than CEM-ROCK EXTREME X4
  • Non eco-friendly (Cutting trees)
  • Low value, high maintenance

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